January 22nd, 2007


live from melbourne

after an eventful week leading up to my departure and a whole string of unfortunate events before my flight as well as after my arrival at melbourne airport, i'm finally able to sit down and tap a quick one out here.

i got busted for fruit salad! :)

it was my fault... but man, did they go ballistic at me for trying to smuggle a dangerous fruit salad into australia! i brought it with me to eat on the plane, which i didn't and had intended to throw it away at the airport. landed at 6-fuckin-a.m. and got through duty-free and to the luggage pick-up area. was looking out for my luggage when the dogs came and sniffed out my dangerous salad right away. haha! the security peeps came and surrounded me and questioned me about the offensive item:

"who made this fruit salad?"
"my mom?"

"where did this fruit salad come from?"
"err... my mom made it so it came from home?"

"which country did this fruit salad come from"

"did you know you would have been fined $200 for trying to bring this in?
"i was gonna bin it before going through customs"

"you've walked past at least 8 bins on the way here from the plane"
"there are more bins in front, aren't there?"

"what is your purpose here in australia?"
"i'm just here for a long holiday"

"how long are you staying?"
"two months"

bla bla bla.

jesus christ.

you'd think i was smuggling heroin or something. it was a fuckin fruit salad for fuck's sake. made from mangoes, apples and pears.

anyways, after so much fun with australian security, the friend supposed to pick me up was late for an entire 2 hours. which created a domino effect on poor audrey who was waiting for me at spencer street station to take me to her place. boy was she pissed off. not at me but at the friend-who-was-late. i introduced them and there was a tense and rather unpleasant moment. :p i cut the encounter short and left with audrey as quickly as possible (or she might have punched him there and then).

so now, i'm staying with audrey and her hubby craig for the time being in st kilda. in a quaint little ground floor apartment which is full of character but a little short on some basics. i will go into that later, with photos, when i move to jean's in about 4 days - currently using audrey's poota because my ibook can't be hooked up due to lack of router.

i've been good with bedtimes. :) could be because of the fabulous cold weather.

good night, good night!