January 23rd, 2007



of using a shared poota - not knowing the settings or thinking of checking them (for example, something as basic as the volume).

all the usual noises on this poota seem to have been muted so i assumed the volume was always turned down. i'd just clicked on a video - the audio went 'BAM' and reverberated through the entire apartment. at almost 1am.


today was a lovely day. i found my way to the city myself while audrey and craig were at work, and wandered through the familiar streets all day. i poked around old shops and explored new ones. you know how in movies, the protagonist would go back to his/her old hometown after god-knows-how-many-years and try to find an old landmark that no longer exists? i felt like that today. i tried to find the wellington lee pharmacy at the corner of russell street and little bourke and it wasn't there. went up russell to a little convenience store and asked the little lady at the counter. she answered, "oh? that place has closed a long time ago".

melbourne central has been totally made-over. bigtime. i think i like the old one better. this new building is too... clean. too up-market. looks better architecturally but i feel that it has lost some of its charm. the new shops are also not as interesting as the old ones.

i had a sushi roll for lunch. :) it was prawn and avocado. very yum. 'fast-food-style' sushi counters seem to have popped up everywhere. not a bad thing since their rolls are yummy and healthy. AU$2.20 a pop.

later in the arvo, i was peering at edibles in the myers food hall when i chanced upon an awesome counter absolutely chockers with gourmet pies and quiches. i was already munching on a (not-so-awesome) deep-fried potato cake so i didn't buy any. but i'm definitely gonna get my paws on lots of those soon!

it's pretty darn cold for summer right now. friends have been teasing me about bringing the rain with me from singapore. :p i didn't bring many pairs of shoes, and one pair has been destroyed after i wore them in the rain for 2 days. so i'm down to just one pair of sandals... i hope they hold up. not likely for me to find shoes in my size here. i didn't bring enough warm clothes either, so i'm allowing myself to shop for a coupla cute pieces.

sank my teeth into a pink lady apple again after 4 years. best apples in the world, i reckon. can't wait to move to jean's so i'm nearer to the market and can start living my cosy little life - buying the freshest produce, cooking meals, stuffing my face with the best fruits and gourmet yumyums. not to mention getting my ibook online so i can post pictures!

this is what happens when i can't post pictures - i dribble nonsense non-stop.


good night!