January 27th, 2007



the engagement party was fuckin awesome. so many old faces to catch up with and scream in laughter with, along with new faces i've heard about and finally gotten a chance to hang out with. mucho alcomahol was consumed and naughty things went on in the little girls' room. i haven't had such a blast in a long, long time.

the party has adjourned to penny and henry's place, which will go on till sunrise at least. maybe for a coupla days even. when i was halfway there in luke and amanda's vehicle, i piked. all the baileys i had was seriously doing my head (and stomach) in. i downed two packets of enzymes and decided that bed seemed like the place i'd rather be.

now i'm warm and safe back at audrey's. showered and washed and ready for bed.

am quite proud of myself. i guess i'm stepping down from my infamous reputation of being the hardestcore little person.

i guess i left it all behind 4 years ago.


good night!