January 29th, 2007



i've moved back into one of my old homes - the apartment i used to share with my ex-housie babe jean, which was where i lived after moving out of my dream home in which i lived by myself for almost 2 years. this apartment belongs to jean's fogies, who still utilise it whenever they're in town.

this ain't my dream home, but it is familiar, and it is good. :) it is also better equiped than audrey's, and my ibook is back online!

my eyes are going to pop out from 4 hours of sleep, 6 hours of endless scrubbing and cleaning and washing, and a sunday packed full of things to do, people to see, and a great dinner to gobble up. will say more later...

good night!


back online!

with pictures to post! :)

i woke up feeling like i ran through a wall... must have been the hardcore cleaning yesterday as well as buying up a storm at the supermarket. i couldn't walk back after going nuts at safeway... had to hail a cab. the bags were so heavy, i felt like my arms were getting torn out of my shoulders. all sorts of cleaning stuff were purchased to facilitate further cleaning, which i've been doing all day today. despite aching shoulders and cuts on my hands.

i hate washing when i have cuts on my fingers. especially when there are more than one!

anyways, i have tons of backlog to post. let's start with my first few days of arrival in melbourne, when i was living with audrey in st kilda. :)

this is the underpass at st kilda junction. audrey lives in welllington street, which is off st kilda road, right at the junction. we would walk through this underpass to get to the tram stops or bus stops. i think it's awesome that so much street art is plastered on the walls. this is the melbourne i love - it has a life of its own.