January 30th, 2007


lord of the fries

the day after i landed back in melbourne, audrey and i went for our first romp in the city. she also needed to show me how to get there on my own, since i was staying in a suburb i've never stayed in or traveled much to before. we yabbered as we trammed up st kilda road and wandered around the city on foot, with me taking in the sights and sounds that are oh-so-familiar. i've dreamt of being back here for such a long time now - and i couldn't believe i was actually stepping on the tiles that i'd seen in my dreams.

we indulged ourselves at supre and treated us to a coupla dresses each. :) damn, i miss supre and its XXS sizes! supre is one of the few places in the world where stuff actually fits me just right.

then we tried to find me a new mobile phone, but discovered that the one i had in mind costs AU$700 here, while i could buy it at S$349 back in singers. pfft. i guess i'll live with my old nokia8310 till march then.

so we got peckish at the end of the day, and audrey decided that i needed to have a taste of the lord of the fries. :) made from real potatoes, hand-sliced and whatnot.

it was fuckin awesome! that french canadian sauce we chose was gooey cheese melting over hot, fat fries drenched in savoury brown gravy (photo snapped before the cheese started to melt down). we parked our little arses at a tram stop and just stuffed our faces from the paper box of hot potato. it was raining down pretty hard, and tucking into hot fries right there and then was just wonderful.

one of the things i've set myself to do on this long holiday, is to regain some of the weight i lost after my dental operation. i guess from the looks of things (or rather, from the looks of the food i've been eating), it won't be too hard.