February 20th, 2007


joe's garage

mel happened to be in town last month for her friend's wedding as well, so three tired chickadees with no make-up, pronounced eyebags and dark eye circles, met up for breakfast one sunday morning on brunswick street. :)

it was a pretty darn awesome breakfast! joe's garage was chockers with people chowing down all sorts of yummy breakfasts and the air was humming with the buzz of lively chatter. by sheer luck, we managed to plonk ourselves on a corner table for three and soon, our voices joined the humming vibration too. :)

boy, were we glad we chose to share two portions instead of ordering one each. the pancake was humongous. and delicious. and a whole lot of things that i have no words to describe. it came piping hot and really, really hit the right spot. the pancake was so fabulous that the eggs florentine paled a little in comparison when they were served after we'd wolfed down most of the pancake, though they were quite good as well. it just wasn't fair that the pancake was served first. :)

we could almost finish the eggs florentine. only a little bit of toast was left over. so a third breakfast set would have killed us totally. :p

i'm kinda falling off the chair because i'm supremely sleepy... i was meant to go to bed about 3 hours ago... but i've just gotten news that i'm going to be a godmother in october! am excited beyond words. :) :) :)

good night, y'all!


max brenner's

on a particularly cold and windy summerday last month, mel and i grabbed a quick catch-up over hot chocolate at max brenner's in QV.

we cursed the melbourne weather as we shivered and chattered while trying to talk coherently. cradling warm 'hugmug's in our hands was such a lovely feeling. we sipped hot chocolate from the little spouts and relished every delicious drop that went down our throats. it was quite an experience.

mel had a dark hot chocolate while i went for a white one. it was so, so awesome. most people who know me know i'm a white chocolate fan. max brenner does a thick, creamy white hot chocolate which isn't too cloying or too sweet. it was perfect. they could have thrown in more marshmallows though. ;)

i'm so doing this again when the weather turns cold!