February 24th, 2007


next stop...

north melbourne!

i've moved to my hopefully-final place of residence in melbourne before i head back to singapore. i'm renting a room in a cosy little apartment in north melbourne, from a friend of a friend. i've just finished unpacking and realised i've left things behind again. i seem to never be able to move completely in one journey. :p the last two times, it was my shower cap. this time, i've left behind my loofah, vegemite and nutella. i was so bent on not leaving behind the shower cap that i forgot even more items. bah!

this apartment is on the third floor, in a tiny little apartment block on a quiet street. i think i will sleep better here, even though the bed is just a single futon mattress and there are no beautiful satin sheets here. i have a fear of break-ins, and i can never sleep in peace in a room on the ground floor.

i will go around taking a few pics of my current lodgings when my landlord goes to work on monday. :)

am currently plonked at his work desk using his ethernet cable because we've yet to sort that out. will try to get a cable into my room so i don't feel like i'm in his way. he has been out in the lounge room all this while, but i still feel like i'm keeping him from his desk. :p

this place is so... tranquil. the vibe is definitely different from st kilda. st kilda is more colourful, vibrant, edgy with a hint of danger. north melbourne feels calmer, safer... like a peaceful place.

i think i will like it here.