March 4th, 2007


romp @ the night market

last wednesday, the landlord and i were munching down our pastas for dinner when he mentioned that it was the last night of the summer night market. i'd totally forgotten about the fact that the night market only runs till end of february, and didn't want to miss it. so we scampered out right after dinner.

those dutch pancakes are absolutely divine. i never miss having some whenever i go to the night market. it's extremely sinful though - it's pretty much flour and sugar and butter and maple syrup. but it's SO GOOD! :D the queue was constantly shocking, so we kept delaying until the last minute. when we saw that it was never gonna be any shorter, we hopped in. just in time too, because we were one of the last few who got a plate of pancakes. :) they ran out very soon after.

i bought a couple of starlightz! i used to have one of these as my bedside light when i lived in my little apartment on bourke street. it was a blue and pink one. i'm still missing a bedside lamp in singapore, so i bought two because they're made of paper and don't last very long. i did use my previous one for a good two years though.

see if you can spot my choices in the picture of the starlightz stall! they're not difficult to spot at all. :)