March 8th, 2007



my brain is splattered all over the wall in front of me.

i have just submitted the horriblest files ever. political issues are spilling out of my ears. i spent one whole hour looking up just one obscure name. thank fuck i found it in the end. the refuse problem in china, taiwan's universal siege, and the lebanon-israel war can go fuck themselves now because i'm going to bed.

i think i need to defrag my head when i wake up.

because the olimomok said so

Choose 10 random people from your friends list and write down your true feelings about them. Do not disclose who they are. Leave them guessing.

1. everytime we've met in the past, you were always bubbly and cheery. you give out really good vibes and i know you're a really kind and good person. i'm glad we managed to keep in touch through our online scribbles even though work doesn't make us cross paths anymore.

2. who would have thought livejournal would bring us closer? i'm glad it did! you are sincere and caring, and always have kind words for me. i like how you'd spring out with a greeting at me on msn and then log off right after! definitely perks up a dull work hour. wishing you all the strength and especially good health in the world. knock out those problems with your positivity!

3. you hardly post anymore. what's happened to you? i guess life gets in the way. it was fun hanging out but it sure wasn't funny when we stepped on each other's tail. you can be oh-so-arrogant but i guess that's why your friends love you.

4. i'm very happy about how things are turning out for you right now. it's your rainbow after the storm. you've become almost like a little sister to me and you're a funny little girl who can laugh at herself. i hope you can sort out that one issue in your life soon though. good luck with that!

5. you've become a very dear friend and i always enjoy our long conversations on the phone. you are a loving and generous soul, and you're always there for your friends or loved ones. i think it will be a beautiful year ahead for you because good things happen to good people. things are already falling into place and you deserve every bit of it.

6. i always enjoy reading about your life and i think you have a beautiful family. you are very candid about your life and that's why your entries are so refreshing to read. you're also quite funny. hehe. you would be just like one of my gorgeous silly friends if we knew each other in real life. much respect for juggling work and study!

7. we're so alike in some ways, it's almost supernatural! in a good way! i'm glad we found each other on livejournal after only meeting you twice back in the day. thank you for wonderful little surprises in the mail. life must be hectic for you right now and i hope you're doing well in the new job. please take care and update soon!

8. you've been following my journal since the earlier days and was one of the first people i didn't know in real life to comment regularly on my entries. thank you for still being around! you're always sincere in your entries and you're about to start a family. congratulations again!

9. we would be pretty good friends if you aren't halfway around the world. you're piss-funny and your entries rock. you sometimes wear your heart on your sleeve and you sometimes say the darnest things to people. i hope we get to hang out one day and do crazy things. oh, but you really should eat pork because it's YUM!

10. you were one of the first people i started to read regularly and your journal opened my eyes to how fun this could be. i don't say much in your journal anymore because you have just so many comments, but i do make some noise once in awhile when i have something to say which hasn't been said 5 times over. hee. you seem happy and i'm glad things are going well for you. you are very inspirational to people in regards to fitness and exercise, and i think that's a great thing.

that's all, folks! that was quite difficult to do!


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a dedication

to mothers everywhere. and everyone who has one. :)

earlier in the evening, i got the following in a text email from an old friend who lives in france now. i needed some therapeutic thing to tinker with, so i did this...


in other news, tomorrow is going to be a day of shops and walks in the city. meet the girls for more shops and dinner in the evening when they get off work, then it's off to my old hangout charltons. charltons is an old pool hall in the middle of chinatown. i was a charltons girl. i used to spend longer hours there than in my own living room.

have not seen lady boss alena for the longest time. she's a fiery lady and i have a lot of respect for her. she's also very loud and very funny. we used to go for supper every night after she locks up the building. :) pictures to come!