March 15th, 2007



i was on the warpath today.

tore up two people over the phone. they fuckin' deserved it, and then some. besides them, one other person got an earful, and another received his share via sms. what is wrong with people today? argh.

i haven't ripped into anyone like that for awhile now. and i get four in a day! whee!

moved all my old belongings out of jean's today, and she managed to find my old lava lamp, which was concluded to be lost awhile ago. that was the one good thing that happened today. :) i'm now watching the rebirth of my mathmos. my molten blue lava that has been put to rest for four whole years is slowly coming back to life.

it is strangely therapeutic, after such a crazy day.

i'm still upset, but i'm better now.