March 23rd, 2007


the pasta chronicles

i went nuts at the market and bought a heap of fresh pasta. :)

sorry, j - i hope this entry doesn't torment you too much... but i recently re-discovered pasta. i stopped eating pasta about 8 years ago. i used to love it so much that i could eat it twice a day for lunch and dinner. then, i got sick of it (naturally). :)

i've been having a coupla great pasta experiences recently since coming to melbourne this year, and i think i'm ready to accept pasta as part of my diet again after staying clear for 8 years. one big plus factor is also the availability of beautiful fresh pasta here!

i've decided to use my remaining weeks in melbourne to experiment with cooking pasta. :)

i've watched doc cook pasta many times and thus have stored basic steps mentally. pasta was boiled in as big a pot of water as possible, with salt. as soon as it was cooked, i dunked it in cold water to prevent sticking. butter and garlic were fried (this is one of my favourite smells in the world), then onion bits were added. after that, in went the minced beef, mushrooms and pasta. salt, sugar and rosemary were added to taste, and extra virgin olive oil added after the heat was turned off. spinach salad was tossed with extra virgin olive oil, ground black peppercorns, sea salt and a sweet, tangy chilli sauce.

feels weird reviewing my own food so i'm just gonna say i'm rather pleased with the end product. changes i might make to the next episode of the pasta chronicles are: boil pasta for a shorter time and cook it longer in the pan later so more flavours can be absorbed. will also buy some tommies from the market soon. abit of red in the dish would have looked perfect (darn publishing habits!).

in other news, i may be moving again very soon, due to unforeseen circumstances. seems that this holiday just has to be fraught with ups and downs, whether i like it or not. currently sorting out next accommodation arrangements... sigh. stay tuned!