March 24th, 2007



last night was a night of horror for me, not because i'm afraid of the dark - i'm not. i can sit in darkness for hours and be perfectly fine. no, it was much more horrifying than mere darkness.

at about 10pm, i was replying emails when everything around me went black. literally Everything. even all the buildings outside my window, for as far as i can see, miles away. all was black. everything has shut down. it was almost as if an invisible bomb of shadows has gone off.

my ibook went black too.

hang on, my ibook? doesn't it run on a battery? the battery is kept at full charge all the time. why has it shut down then? my ibook has been with me through a few blackouts, and it has always stayed awake throughout in the past.

my brain froze over in panic as the possibility of a power surge sank in. my logic board could have been fried. i had no way to imagine the state of my hard disk. i tried to boot it up, and there was no response.

i looked out the window and it was black everywhere except for the hospital. the street lamps have all gone off. traffic lights were not working anymore. it was miles and miles of darkness. i half expected to see zombies starting to appear on the streets.

doc went out to his lab to check on things and apparently, the entire block was shut down too. he couldn't even get into the building.

i spent the next hour freaking out on the phone to val. i've not backed up my data for about 6 months! all my work, my pictures... everything! possibly all a crisp! i was a wreck.

rang jean and she happened to be at sera's place. sera is a pretty pro mac user, and she advised me to let it rest unplugged for a night and try to reboot in the morning with the plug in. with that, there was nothing more i could do except to turn my mind inside out with worry. sent frantic smses to sean who lived nearby, to see if his place was affected as well. his area was fine, and he offered to take me to the service centre first thing in the morning. he was very calm and logical, and i was pacified enough to try to get an early night's rest.

this morning, i scrambled out of bed at 8:30am. the air was chilly and a breeze swirled in through my open windows. without bothering to throw on a jumper, i quickly sat down at my desk. after giving my ibook a pat, i plugged the charger in. my heart leapt as the orange 'charging' light came on. "that's a good sign", i said to myself. i then flipped up the screen and pressed the power button.

my heart settled back into its place as a familiar 'click' echoed under my finger. the little engine fired up and my ibook sprang back to life. it seemed to take a little more effort than usual (there was a loud hard disk whirring at the start), but my baby is alright.

i suspect that the battery has been fried though. i'm not sure if i'm going to test it by pulling the plug. i'll see about that when i go back to singapore.

for now, i'm just very, very, very thankful.