March 31st, 2007


birdman eating

this little cafe hidden in gertrude street has been crowned my favourite cafe in melbourne so far. let's see if the spot gets jostled in my upcoming final week here. :)

with an oddball name like birdman eating, it certainly aroused interest. jean has been going on about their fabulous baked eggs, and i couldn't pass up the chance to munch on some.

can i just say - WOW. i was bowled over. the people were warm and friendly - they look you and smile with their eyes. it was a cold arvo, but some nice sunlight was warming the tables outside, and so that was where we plonked ourselves down. baked eggs are their specialty here, and they serve them in four ways. i'm wishing that i'd taken a picture of the chalkboard with the baked eggs menu, but i'm sure i'll go back there again before i leave melbourne. :)

our baked eggs came in the cutest little cast iron pans, with a piece of toast balanced on each handle and a little cube of butter. jean had the sujok sausage, tomatoes and broccoli. i had a bite of it and it really rocked. sujok is a spicy sausage which tastes like chorizo. it was jampacked with flavour and spices, and went beautifully with the eggs, tommies and broccoli. i almost got food envy but luckily my own baked eggs were awesome too! it was a totally different way of tickling the tastebuds - flavours were milder and super creamy with lots of goat cheese, savoury mushrooms and the aroma of thyme. it was amazing. this has got to be one of my favourite arvos in melbourne so far!

i got to spend some quality time with jean, which we've not had much of because so much has been happening around us. i had a really lovely time, and am especially grateful to my babe for sharing her favourite obscure little eatery.