April 26th, 2007


etc etc

it's been so hard to write anything at all.

between unpacking luggages and boxes, settling back into home-life, and catching up with beloved family and friends, my mood has been yoyo-ing with the various good and bad happenings in the world.

i've also been negotiating terms for full-time employment again. not sure if i'm happy giving up my freelance life, but i think regular hours will be healthier for me right now. i need to stop living in the night.

at least all my suits won't waste away in my wardrobe.


went on a whirlwind of appointments today:

1. 1200 - potential employer to negotiate salary
2. 1430 - mingster @ vivocity (food and shops)
3. 1700 - vanessa @ orchard (shops)
4. 1930 - karen ann @ marina square (food and shops)

i'm definitely gonna miss my freelance lifestyle.