April 28th, 2007


sniffles, work and butter fried rice

my nose has been going bananas since getting back to singapore. i will probably take awhile to retune it back to the air here... with regular baking in the 'oven' i should be adjusted soon.

lots of work has suddenly cropped up... just when i'm about to step back into 'regular workforce' once again. maybe they know it's now or never. this weekend will see me holed up with many pieces of paper and my ibook as usual. drinks with the babes tomorrow night will be a nice break in between.

i itched to cook yesterday, after so much happy tinkering about in various kitchens in melbourne. so i whipped up garlic and butter fried rice with fat chunks of mushrooms.

i'm just trying not to lose all this fabulous weight i gained from melbourne. in just two weeks, i've lost most of it already. mother's home-cooked meals are seriously healthy. sigh. i know i'm gonna get lotsa crap for saying this, but i can never stay the size i want to be.

when i'm done posting all my melbourne adventures, it will be apparent what a happy tubby i was over there. :) maybe i need to start making my own pasta soon...