May 5th, 2007


productive day

in 12 hours, i've unpacked all my boxes from melbourne, re-organised all my stuff in my room, re-sorted placement of things, wiped down all dusty surfaces, threw out more stuff which didn't fall through the sift the last time, re-arranged wiring due to additional electronics... and everything is in place finally.

the only thing left to do is get a light bulb for my starlight, and a new electrical wire which includes a switch.

my beloved sound system from melbourne has come home at last. :)

this mini jvc was purchased when i first arrived in melbourne in 1999. it has pretty much been in every single one of my residences, including my beloved apartment in bourke street. i left it in jean's care when i left melbourne in 2003, because i wasn't sure if i'd move back there soon. when that didn't seem like it was happening in the near future, i'd wanted to bring it home. but before i could do that, jean informed me that she'd lent it to audrey. audrey and craig aren't very well-off, and they lead a really thrifty lifestyle. so i didn't mind at all.

the last time i visited melbourne two years ago, i thought about bringing it home then. but when i hungout with audrey and craig, they seemed to have gotten used to using it... so i felt bad for even thinking about taking it away from them.

in my 3 months in melbourne this year, i spent quite a bit of time in the davis household. i noticed that they actually have two systems now, one big hifi for music and computer audio while my jvc was acting as audio for the tv. i still felt bad about taking it away, and actually had a little discussion with jean about whether i should. she encouraged me to, and said that she has actually told audrey that she could borrow it but anytime i wanted it back she'd have to give it up. especially since it is such a sentimental item.

audrey and craig gave it up without a fight. :) i thanked them for keeping it in running condition for me. although it has suffered a dent and the lcd seems abit wonky, i'm just glad to see the blue ring of light in front of me again.

i'm almost ready to snap pictures of my room. i know a few of you have been waiting for this. :) just let me get the starlight sorted and the shoot will happen then.