May 13th, 2007


he's gone

it was my first time watching someone die.

it wasn't easy.

what a wretched month of suffering for alex and his loved ones.

what a wretched mother's day for alex's mother.

i must never let my mother cry like that.

goodbye, old friend. looks like i'll have to let you off getting your arse kicked at the pool table. please be well, wherever you are now. your pain is over and you are free. did you know how many tears were shed for you today? your mother's heart was in a million pieces as she crumbled next to you. you must watch over her forever, you know? hey, between doing that, you really should give a few nightmares to that asshole who ran you over. in fact, make it a nightly dose. it'd be a blast. i know you'll love it. thank you for sending me home in your dad's yellow bus when we hung out at 116. i'm sorry for all the times i've teased you. thank you for having been such a good-natured friend. thank you for being part of the memories. rest in peace, old friend.
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