June 5th, 2007



that's what the next two months will be for me.

i've been offered a two-month project as trial, before we discuss a longterm contract.

not putting my eggs in one basket, i've decided to hang on and juggle both jobs for these two months.

suicidal, i am.


in other news, i have been a bad girl in the department of leather goods. since i've started work at my current position, i've had to bring my ibook to the office whenever i'm going in. i have pretty flexible hours, and do a lot of work outside of the office, but i still go in on most weekdays at varying hours of the day. this will continue till my boss purchases a new macbook, which should be happening in the next coupla weeks. as some people might know, apples are not the lightest laptops to lug around. sigh. my hands have not been happy carrying my beloved ibook all over the place, making known their displeasure via aches and pains.

thus, i've been hunting for a large leather bag big enough and sturdy enough to put my ibook and the contents of my handbag in. i'm a rather picky girl, so it's taken awhile...

and it sure didn't come cheap.

it is my most expensive piece of non-gadget possession to date, not including furniture. in fact, i'm going to shock myself again if i type the price out here. let's just say that it costs more than a coach bag.

it's not even a brand i'm familiar with, but then i've never been a big fan of flashy brands.

still shocked at myself but am quite pleased to end the search at last.