June 16th, 2007


the accidental trashbag

so i had my monthly hormonal migraine this morning. sometimes i deal with it. sometimes i pop a coupla painkillers (which i try to avoid).

today was one of those days when i didn't want to deal with it. so i dropped a coupla panadol extras.

now, i've taken panadol extras many times before and nothing like today's effect has ever happened on me. my hands were shaking and i was a wreck. yes, the pain was gone... but hell, i'd rather have the pain than be a total wreck!

had meetings lined up at the office, so could not avoid going out to face the world. boy, was it hard getting showered and dressed when your hands are shaking. getting my face made-up was a challenge and a half. drying my hair seemed to take forever.

popped myself into a cab (after waiting for what seemed like an eternity) and decided to catch up with my girlfriend during the journey, to see if i could work out what's wrong with me.

hey hey

hey you! what's up? where are you?

i'm on my way to work

wow, at this hour?

yeh, i have a meeting at 4pm. hey... ask you something. have you ever taken paracetamol and then felt like you were on pseudoephedrine?

no but then i did find out something recently. if you mean panadol extra, that stuff contains caffeine.

no shit! i shoulda known! i've taken it so many times without problems that i didn't bother to check the composition... dammit! i'm so trashed now and heading for meetings!

i'd never known that till recently as well. man, break a leg at the meeting!

so that was that. i have no idea why i'd never felt the effects clearly till today. maybe my resistance to uppers has well and truly been worn down to zero at last. i've stopped drinking coffee for a coupla years now. it's a shame about the panadol extra though - it really does kill migraines very well. :[

at least i survived the meetings. not sure if i was a bit of a spaz but i think i did ok...

though i did leave behind a huge file of photostated notes outside somerset mrt. they're replaceable... but i can't believe i didn't realise i wasn't carrying the file anymore, until i got home after gallivanting in town running errands for hours! perhaps i was too happy not to be carrying the file.