July 17th, 2007


my spideykids

i've been trying to post these but kept drowning in work... have 2 days to breathe before jumping into more work so i'll post as much as i can now...

spidey #1 is now known as bob. little bob. bobby. the best friend suggested bobby b. all shall be used. :)

so i took bobby, munster and comma to the spiderlab last week. munster was identified as a local and a girl too. bobby was identified as an adult male (even though he's so tiny!). i actually did consider naming bob and munster, little bob and big bob. thank god i didn't or munster would have to become bobbette.

the spiderlab was amazing! there's a whole room full of spideys! like a spideyzoo.

comma and bob took turns under the microscope. identity yet to be confirmed by the professor who is away, but a very nice spiderlab person, jeremy (spiderman? hehe!) has deduced that bobby might belong to the same family as black widows and redbacks. if he is, he'd be one of the less dangerous ones though. that grandfather bob in the pic looks very much like a big bob, but is actually a spitting spider from malaysia. so, never judge a spider by its looks. :p

comma has been detained.

hehehehe. ok ok, actually i left him behind. but i thought being detained sounded funnier. i'd only had comma for 2 days and wasn't all that attached to him, and besides, i didn't know what the hell to feed him with. he's just too incy wincy. i think he's in better hands at the lab. due to his incy-winciness, jeremy did say there is no guarantee that he will survive but they will do their best (with sugar water and weak prey).

munster and bobby came home with me. :) freddie is going to say "i told you so" to me for this, but i've grown rather fond of munster and her furry little face with her big beady eyes. jeremy kindly gave me two spidey cages so that makes it much easier to feed munster. these spidey cages are what they use to keep some of the spiderlab residents in. it's quite ingenious, and recycles plastic jars too!

i was also given 'tarbao' (takeaway) fruit flies. hehe! apparently the spiderlab residents are fed only once a week, so my enthusiastic feeding of bobby was probably too errr... enthusiastic. hence the ignoring of certain food-creatures. :p munster is different though... she eats all the time! here we see her polishing off the last of her takeaway treats from spiderlab. jeremy must have put like 5 or 6 fruit flies in for her? she ate them all the very first night! in fact, i'm sure she'd already started on her feast while wobbling in the cab on the way home. :)

when munster was done and was wiping her face and fangs, bobby still sat in his web ignoring everything. i thought he might be a little stressed out because the flies were his size and there were like 5 of them buzzing all around. some of them stumbled onto him and he dodged them, waving his little arms to flick them away. munster sat on her wall, the side facing bob's jar and watched hungrily at the (non-)action. so i decided to transfer some to her.

three fat fruit flies (that's a bit of a tongue twister if you say it out loud) were popped in and she went at them before i could blink. by the time i was securing the cork, she had one in her mouth. after about 15 seconds, a second fly flew past her and she grabbed it immediately without letting go of her first yumyum. as she sucked on both flies, the third flew by and met with the same fate. she ate them all happily and threw down a long-ish string of fly-bodies when she was done. they had somehow molded together! :o

then she proceeded to build a hammock in a corner of the jar, right next to the cork. damn cute, but i was worried that she'd stuck one end on the cork itself, thus hammock would be destroyed everytime i opened it to feed her. however, my fears were unfounded. the clever girl had stuck it on the ceiling instead. :)

i've just sold my lumix camera today. its macro function is just not powerful enough to shoot my spideykids. have placed an order for a ricoh gx100. macro of 1cm. stocks may arrive tomorrow. :D

isn't that helluva waste of a cute picture of munster? i hate wasting shots like that. now that she has thoroughly lined her hammock, it's getting harder to shoot good pics of her while she sits within the silken threads. i love watching her flop in her hammock with her arms hanging out though. she seems to like doing it, so i might get another chance to shoot that pose.

does anyone else think that bobby is growing??? i think so! compare his initial pics with current pics... his limbs seem to be stronger and firmer now, his tummy is fat and round, and also developing an opaque yellow colour. his face also seems more distinct. jeremy has said he's an adult though, but i hope he gets to grow up some more. i shall keep plying him with food. :)

speaking of food, it's getting harder and harder to catch flying ants in my room. they used to flock here... it seems there is some kinda signal on the insect airwaves that goes like "DANGER KEEP OUT". sigh. i might have to go and tarbao more fruit flies for them.