July 21st, 2007


uh oh

munster is hiding in her hammock, being very quiet. very unlike her. i put in a big fat meal just now, she poked her head out of the now-cocoon-like hammock, watched the meal walk around for about 5 minutes, before crawling back in to sit quietly.

i thought she might be intimidated by the size of the meal (a very very large flyingant, slightly longer than her but thinner) so i took him out and put in a medium sized meal (a flyingant about 60% of her size, not a problem in the past). she didn't even look at him. :(

is she sick?

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yesterday yesterday

i got myself outta bed at 7am friday morning and trundled to the office, with about 5 hours of very deep sleep. not too bad. totally amazing to myself, since this is completely against my bio-clock. 7am to me is like most people's 1am or so.

showdown went well, even though i did not get to say everything i really wanted to say, but the outcome was what i wanted. one day, i'd still want to say my piece for the sake of the company and its future though. i feel it is a waste of a fantastic future for this company that still has lots of room for growth (but is being held back by issues i wanted to address and didn't get to say). one day i will.

meanwhile, a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. well, actually not all of it, but a big part has been dissolved. so i'm carrying a much smaller burden now (from an army backpack of rice to a medium-sized handbag).

on the other hand, the other burden i'm carrying has increased from a lightly-packed overnight bag to a small luggage trolley - lots of tedious work increased but i will roll along just fine. :)

just switching the weight around. :)

celebrated with a lovely lunch with ness, then a coupla hours of retail therapy and ketchup with val over an old-skool ice-cream cone and a hugeass love potion sundae. yes, i had both ice creams by myself while val had two beers. :D

when i was walking out of the office, i felt as if i'd just graduated from school or something. i felt like a cat without a collar. a hamster without a cage. a bird in the sky. a spider in a web (did anyone see this coming?)... i beamed to myself on my way to town.

first photo of something edible by my new ricoh camera. no contrast required. :)

in other news, munster seems to have bounced back to life after finishing her meal. not sure what happened before, maybe she was absorbing my tired vibes. :)

she's still scratching her legs a little, though much less than before. and i also realised that she is so much fatter than when i first found her. :) her tummy used to be triangular in shape, and now it's a round ball. hehe!

she is now running around the jar, peering at things inquisitively like how she always does. :)

in otherother news, i've collected the new suped-up macbook. i'm not sure when i'll have to give it up to the person taking over all the things i've stopped doing, or whether there will be such a person at all. :p in any case, i may not get to use it for long, and i'm too busy now to fully enjoy this beautiful machine. in fact, it's still sitting in its box since coming home with me on thursday evening. such a waste, but i have too many things to do...

rest assured that another gadget entry will come up soon, starring ricoh and apple.