August 10th, 2007


sonic the spider

not the hedgehog.

he's fast, he's smooth, he's the new punk on the block. the one who swept munster off her eight feetsies with just one display of prancing like john travolta in saturday night fever.

this is the little man.

so. last week, jeremy told me he'd caught a boyfriend for munster. the little fella was hopping around the computers at the spiderlab and was immediately apprehended. probably spent the day in the jar going "WTF?". evening came, and he was transported across the island to meet his mate. isn't he one helluva lucky boy?

we had a short debate about his fate after he fulfills his purpose (in life) of providing the sperm. we could leave him in, which means a nice big meal for munster, or pluck him out. i couldn't quite deal with the idea of munster eating the father of her kids, so sonic didn't get to become nourishment for his children.

into munster's jar he went! it was like watching a mini-documentary on my desk. he saw her quickly, and puffed himself up to get ready to woo her. jeremy told me she would either be charmed, or get hungry. she saw him a little while later, as he perched himself on the bottom of the cork and started to dance.

it was quite hilarious to me. haha! he was like a little saturday night fever dancer with the cork as his stage, waving his little arms like he was jabbing the air. at one point, i thought he was doing the 'YMCA' moves too. munster stared at him, without a single twitch.

after a few seconds of this, he started to inch his way towards her. i feared for his life. munster kept staring at him. then, she started to tuck her legs in close like she was a submissive little girl. kor! that was easy! jeremy commented that it was the smoothest mating he has ever seen. the girls would usually pretend to play hard to get for awhile. i guess my girl was too bursting full of eggs to be fertilised, since she's been so fat for awhile now.

so sonic was a happy lad and managed to fulfill his life's destiny three times! lucky boy. he tried for a fourth but munster sprang away to the bottom of the jar. we then decided it was time to save sonic, before he tries again (some men just don't get it).

he was reluctant to leave, but we managed to shoo him out. munster, bless her little highness, behaved herself and didn't attack him right away.

so, that was the short (and almost sweet in the edible sense) affair of munster and sonic.

he has been christened sonic because he zips around superquick, and has racing stripes. :) jeremy says i can throw him out the window if i don't want to keep him, thus he would become supersonic. haw haw!

i haven't quite decided if i will keep him for long. but it looks like he's staying awhile. he's very hard to photograph and i'm still not happy with all the shots i have of him. we'll see.


pleased as punch 2

satisfaction is...

- planting a small flying ant at the corner of munster's cocoon.
- getting it so entangled it could only struggle.
- watching munster glare at it for about half an hour.
- almost cheering when munster reaches out and grabs it.

she eats!