September 7th, 2007


mishmash of stuff

min has just done her second moult!

flynn and poof will be next, followed by max and missy. max and missy had just eaten their last meal before moult, re-lined their hammocks, and popped in today. seems like max has somehow lost the competitive edge.

flynn is turning out to be a big girl. i think she's the biggest in size, followed by min. we shall see how they turn out after second moult is over.

am expecting flynn and poof to moult tomorrow. min should emerge late tomorrow or the day after. max and missy should moult the day after.

min's exoskeleton looks quite a lot thicker this time. can't wait to grab it for a pic! will be exciting to have min on my hand too. i hope i don't lose her.

in other (less fun) news, my mother will also be undergoing surgery soon. she is not ill, but has a problem with her intestines to be rectified - a problem that she has lived with for about 15 years. it's about darn time. we went to mount elizabeth for her consultation today. she will be doing ultrasound scans, gastroscopy and colonoscopy next week. very uncomfortable things that cost a bomb.

her surgery will be a much more major one than mine. it's strange how she has picked this period to deal with this issue. i suspect she's trying to show me that surgeries are no big deal. if it weren't for the fact that her life would improve so much after going through with it, i'd wish she wasn't going through with it. i wish i'm not going through with it either. but what must be done, must be done.

well, with mother to worry about, my mind is taken off my condition now. am now rushing my work so that i'll get this current project finished, do my surgery, get well and take care of mother when she goes for hers.

by the way, people - make sure you are properly covered by medical insurance! not just for accidents, but for illnesses as well. especially women! all sorts of crap can happen to our intricate plumbing as we age. i was careless. my impending surgery should have been under coverage but i've failed to get complete coverage of this sort. oh well.

so strange how it seems to be a season for surgeries! that makes four of us now.