September 28th, 2007



so much to say and do. i feel a little lost. :)

i've finally finished my 50-part project, as of tonight. the satisfaction is beyond description. i've been told that i'll be given a break - this holds two very pleasing bits of information because 1. i really do need a break 2. a break means i will have more work lined up.

regarding medical stuff and us humans, there has been a change of plans and mother went ahead with her surgery first. she is now recovering in hospital, after having gone through a 3-hour operation on monday. she was meant to be discharged after 3 days, but she's not been able to eat anything solid, or even keep much liquid down. she can't come home till she's able to eat solid meals and digest them normally. i was by her side when she was tormented by trapped wind in her stomach and indigestion from drinking soup and liquids. it was painful to see. i wished i could share her suffering. i felt horribly helpless. but i was very glad to be there when she finally managed to throw everything up after more than 4 hours, so i could hold the plastic bag and clean up afterwards. i doubt the nurses would have rushed over in time.

yesterday i sprained my neck by sneezing too hard (wtf) and so was trapped at home. am slightly more mobile now and should be right as rain tomorrow. father reports that mother is feeling better today, although still unable to eat.

my own operation will take place only after mother recovers. which could be a few weeks or a month. maybe i'll do it on my birthday as a joke on myself. har har.

now, on to the more fun stuff! :)

bobby3 has been planted in bobbette's jar. teehee. i didn't know what would happen to him. when they mated for the first time, they took such a long time that i went to bed before they were done. i woke up the next morning half expecting to find him dead on the floor of the jar. but, no! there he was, hanging quietly sleeping in a corner away from mrs bobbette. and somehow, he has survived till today. occasionally, they have a domestic - bobbette would chase him round and round the jar but he manages to get away. either that or she gives up. i don't know. but they seem to be living quite happily ever after. in fact, i'm so amazed at this happy coexistence that i'm tempted to swop bobby in. cos i'd much rather bobby be the happy little guy, right? but i'm still afraid that bobby won't be as quick on his feetsies as bobby3. so... better not.

munster has laid her third batch of eggses. this time is a little worrying because i can see eight eggses sitting inside her cocoon. they're not meant to be visible and usually are wrapped in a fluff ball inside the cocoon. i'm not sure if she was careless, or they dropped out, or... she's getting senile? jeremy says web spiders do that when they're about to die - their last eggs may not be wrapped properly, maybe they're losing coordination or energy or something. i'm hoping this isn't the case with munster since she isn't a web spider...

i've started to train the bubs to hunt more menacing meals like flying (queen) ants. strangely, on two occasions when i'd managed to catch flyingants of the right size for the bubs (about 4mm-5mm or less), they'd appeared in fantastic numbers on the floor of my living room. it was amazing. the first time, a total of 5 turned up. just nice, one for each bub. the second time, a total of 9 turned up! one for each bub and one for each adult, including the bobbies! (bobby3 hadn't joined us then)

feeding bobby3 was quite difficult because bobbette kept snatching his meals. until i worked out a method. i now feed bobbette first with a big fat meal. after she spins it into a ball, drags it into her corner to eat and is totally engrossed in it, i throw in a smaller meal for bobby3 - as close to him as possible so he gets to it first without alarming bobbette. this works well so far. :)

not sure if i mentioned it before, but poe has gone to her foster mom, salsarina. i will be visiting her tomorrow after i visit mother. :)

all my 5 bubs have done their third moult so far. they're getting quite big! i think because their eyesight is getting better, they're freaking out more as well. they startle at more movements now, and even min is getting more jittery. i hope my mission to photograph her life stages can be completed without mishaps.

there are lots more little stories to tell about them but i will save those to post together with corresponding pictures. i know i keep saying this but i truly have mountains of pictures to post. yes, kyle, i did promise to post some by friday. i know. i will!