November 4th, 2007



this is one of those i-don't-know-where-to-begin entries, so i'll just scribble along.

mother has been recovering well at home, until she somehow caught the flu. strange because no one else was sick and she hasn't stepped out anywhere at all. she had a hard time coughing while trying not to bust her surgery wounds. tough. but the worst is over and she should be well soon.

my own surgery has been postponed until she recovers fully. i'm starting to suffer a little more as each month passes, but it's still bearable. my mother also wants me to try using our far-infrared oven more regularly (i've been a little slack... heh) to see if it could be an alternative solution to surgery. will give it a few months and see, though it might be too short to see results.

am thinking of also doing the second part of my wisdom teeth surgery - the left side. not sure what i should get done first, really. so much maintenance work to be done on me. sigh.

in other (more fun) news, lucy has laid her second batch of eggses and today is the 14th day. if the eggses are viable and have hatched properly (without any mishaps like their mother consuming them again), the bubbies should emerge any second now. so exciting. i didn't want to post about this earlier because i wasn't sure if she was gonna eat them again. would have been another wet blanket if she did. i'd given her a plastic twig and fake leaves to make her more comfortable, and she has built herself a huge cocoon-palace this time on one of her favourite leaves. i'm guessing that she feels much safer this time than the last. she was also eating very well right up to 2 days before she laid her eggses, so maybe she didn't get so hungry like she did previously.

hence, if her bubbas do turn out well this time, it would mean that the first batch of eggses were viable but she felt either threatened or too hungry the first time to go through with the term. she didn't eat very well before laying the first eggses, i'm guessing maybe because the jar was too foreign to her.

first picture was taken before eggses. she was so fat and happy before she built her palace and laid her eggses the second time. the twig and leaves did wonders for her. she actually came out to feed a coupla days ago (looking quite skinny), which is a good sign because it means she hasn't eaten her kids. i'm quite hopeful that she would be a good mother after all. :)