March 21st, 2008


baby lucien - the movie

so... there are shitloads of stuff that should have been posted between this and the last spideykids update. but that's gonna take too long so i'm just gonna post the very first spideykid movie and then slowly fill in the blanks afterwards. :) a quick run-down of the current fambly: i have five of lucy's bubbas (four from her first clutch, one from her second. uncle john adopted three and the rest have been returned to mother nature), four of munster's bubbas (there were five but max, the only boy, died. current bubs now are min, poof, flynn and missy. almost adults now), three bobbies and one bobbette (not the same ones from last year), three plexippus adults (two girls, one boy. plexippus are a size between lucy and munster).

ok, that wasn't such a short run-down after all. :)

all my original spideykids from last year have passed on and gone to spidey heaven. slash and lucy left me on the very same day, one in the morning and one in the evening. bobbette was the last adult to pass on. everyone is buried under the same tree, where munster lies.

it has been a wonderful 2007 with them. :)

the bulk of my attention is now on raising lucy's bubbas, which are very much less hardy than munster's kids. they are also turning out to be a joy to handle. especially lucien, lucy's biggest little girl. :) my little movie star.

i pulled away when she was flailing her arms because it seemed like she was trying to grab the lens. but i realised after a few shoots that she was doing something else. all shall be explained when new footage is uploaded. yes, i caught her doing funny stuff. hehe. uncle moo says she looks like a baby wanting hugs when she flails like that. :)

my old ibook didn't enjoy editing the movie. i'm going to try to hold off making more till i get a new machine soon. meanwhile, new spidey movies might still magically appear (especially after i happen to visit friends).

ps. photobucket's video streaming sucks donkeys' balls.