March 30th, 2008



lucien has moulted! i've lost track of how many moults she's had, but i think it's the 5th one now. she is HUGE, about twice the size of her little sister dot. which is interesting to note, because all the bubs eat the same food except that lucien readily accepts lots more. i think strong genes and weak genes exist in spiders as well.

i've been looking forward to her having this moult because she's quite a good size and i thought it would be awesome watching her moult. but after spying on her sitting in her bed for a week, she chose to do it this morning when i was knocked out by some medication (to calm the nerves in my ear, apparently. i had a ear problem yesterday). i woke up to see her sprawled out with her new loooong legs, still resting in her cocoon. her bigass exoskeleton was already on the floor.

i was also a little worried that she might get stuck during her moult, since bigger spiders have more trouble. uncle moo says they've had to amputate certain spiderlab residents to save them.

anyways, she's all fine and dandy. :) i can't wait to fatten her up and take more videos of her. still have about 6-8 videos of her on hand right now. i've managed to clear some disk space so i might be able to do up a movie sometime during the week!