April 25th, 2008



i have a dilemma.

lucy's kids are now ready to move into bigger homes. they've outgrown their pink baby jars, and are now bigger than ever. lucien is almost lucy-sized, and tiga is rather errrm enthusiastic whenever he gets a whiff of the girls.

they grow up so fast. *sniff*

the thing is, they're still happy in their pink baby homes. they'll always be my babies. :) what's also holding me back is that i don't want them to start hiding from me. the initial plan was to move them into bigger jars with nice plastic greenery like their mother lucy had. i reckon the bubs don't hide from me now because there is nowhere to hide. hehe. okay, sadistic tendencies aside, these bubbas have been raised domestically. the nature of this species in the wild is to hide and hide and then hide some more. i have an inkling that once i put them in their natural (or whatever comes close) habitat, they will slip into their wild ways. i remember watching lucy perched on a branch all day, staying absolutely still thinking she was invisible, moving only when it was dusk (which gave her like an hour to walk around before it got too dark).

lucy was a wild child and it couldn't be helped. but her babies are not!

they walk around and watch me, like munster used to do. bib still startles easiest, with the boys, tiga and scout, on par in second place. so i have a little paper partition where my hands move the most on my ibook, and they seem happy with this arrangement. lucien has an almost full view of me, her jar being right next to me on my desk. she peers at everything i do, and is more curious than afraid of my movements.

i'm happy with them being like this. i don't want them to suddenly become afraid of everything.

i will chew on it some more.