July 25th, 2008


i has a imac!


this means i can get cracking on the 5674329 video clips of lucien and tiga that i have. :D

HOWEVER. as usual, time is a problem.

time is always a problem!

i've finished my last project, which was AWESOME. i loved it. i got so engrossed in the plot that i had a hard time transitioning into my current project. my mind and heart are still lingering in the previous story. i'm just too darn sentimental for my own good!

even the darn theme songs and mood tunes keep playing in my head!

ok, things will get better when the series concludes. the final episode is airing tomorrow (saturday) evening. i guess i will then finally begin to get over it.

new project is great as well. i love how i'm getting allocated all the stuff i enjoy doing. :)

the kids are well. i gave them interior decor! each one of them now has a little fabric leaf to lounge on. i gave one to tiga first, because after his failed attempts to date lucien, he became a little more nervous than usual. the boys, tiga and scout, both do not build hammocks to sleep in like the girls do. so, they're always 'standing around'. looks rather uncomfortable. so, i gave tiga a leaf to make him feel better. he loved it! took to it like a fish to water. he even sits on it the way i planned for him to - i blu-tacked it down at an angle so there is like a little platform for him to sit on.

after the roaring success of the first leaf, everyone got a leaf each. :) everyone's happy!

not sure if i mentioned it, i probably have and am repeating myself for the 19th time - i'm putting them on a diet. so they haven't been feasting like they used to. this was decided after uncle moo and i had a discussion about spider lifespan. the better they eat, the shorter (but i'd like to think, fuller and happier) their lives. god knows how well i've been feeding everyone since they were bubs! haha. so, i hope it's not too late, but i'm trying to do a happy medium now. i dread the day lucien leaves me.

hokay, back to the grind.