January 4th, 2009


a sneak peek of lucia!

i made a little moofie with the little clip from john! =)

it was my first time using the imovie on this imac. yup, this is why i have not done any more vids of lucien even though i have so much footage of her - i have not had the time to familiarise myself with the new imovie and it's very different from the old one! i think i have the basics down now. look out for more vids of lucien soon!

isn't lucia a cutie?

i will be catching up with john this week. can't wait to see my new girlie!



goodbye, 2008

2008 has been a difficult year for many people i know, including myself.

other than the horrific hailstorm that was the plunge of the world's economy, friendships, partnerships, and relationships also seemed to be falling to pieces everywhere. mindboggling things happened. people fought. people judged. people put themselves on pedestals. there was too much negativity in 2008.

there are words i wish i did not express in 2008, because i was judged and crucified for them. people took sides in a situation that did not involve them directly. while i am apologetic for what i should not have said to one person, i did not think it was fair for others to cast their judgment, because my words were not meant for their eyes, especially since they do not know me well enough to read them in the right context. true, the intended recipient did not read them in the right context either, but that ultimately was a problem between the two of us.

the matter blew out of proportion and it was a few weeks of hell.

but there is a silver lining in every dark cloud after all. there were people who stood by me, who believed in me. i guess you really see the true nature of people in times of adversity and hardship. you really know who your true friends are.

thank you, all of you. even the ones who walked away, or judged, or cast your stones. for you have shown me who the ones i should truly treasure are. thank you.

i am also thankful for my wonderful family, who have been so very awesome in their unfailing support.

2008 has given me some very hard lessons. i am not perfect, nor have i ever been. but i am happy to take the fall and learn the lesson. i know there are people who still have misconceptions about me, but i am not going to waste time dwelling on negativity. life is too short. i will take my learnt lessons and do my best to live my life as a good person. people who judge me are not worth my time.

yes, i am so glad 2008 is over.

in 2009, i will cherish my people - my folks and all the ones who are keepin' it real.

happy 2009, livejournal.