January 8th, 2010


robbers are scum

a spanish girlfriend who lives in madrid was just mugged. she was walking in the street, talking on the phone, when she was grabbed by the neck and knocked unconscious. when she came to, her bag was gone. it was her favourite mini/baby paddington in castor. she is still in shock, with aches in the neck and head but is otherwise ok. my chloe girls and i have resolved to find her another castor baby...

the ironic thing is, the robber probably won't even know anything about the bag. according to another spanish girlfriend, chloe is not well-known there. the robber would probably take the contents and dump the bag somewhere. knowing our dear raquel, she would probably be more upset about the loss of her castor baby than the contents of her bag.

words cannot describe the disgust i feel towards robbers. able-bodied people, no missing limbs, snatching money and things that others have earned through hard work. if reincarnation exists, these are the people who would come back as roaches. filthy, germy, hated by everyone. i kill one as i see one.

sending much love to raquel and endless murderous curses to the one who mugged her.
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