January 11th, 2010


there it goes...

everyone has childhood memories of kites. :) mine is linked to my brother.

i was so young i couldn't remember my own age then. but i remember my brother made his very own kite. i remember feeling very impressed. it was huge, and had thick wooden canes as its frame. i remember my brother heating the cane over a flame to make it bend. i was amazed at how brilliant my brother was. it was the king of all kites, the hawk among the sparrows.

then, we went to the park to fly it. it went straight up to the heavens. it flew till there was no string left in my brother's hands. i gurgled with laughter at the soaring kite. my brother let me hold the string. i could barely hang on - our hawk was very strong. i watched it in awe as it tugged at my little hands. once in awhile, if it started to dip, my brother would put his hands over mine and get it right back to where it was.

happy innocent days in green grassy fields and a bright blue sky... :)

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