January 17th, 2010


romance in the springtime

she smoothed the folds of her floral dress as she sat down at the tiny wooden table by the window of the cafe. the air was slightly chilly, being springtime. but the gentle rays of the morning sun were deliciously warm on her bare skin. as she turned to put her bag away on the chair beside her, the door to the cafe opened and he stepped in.

and so, their eyes met. again.

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when Chloe started making the paddington satchels in 2005, the first locks were matte-finished brass. this means when they chip, a shinier brass material is revealed beneath. in 2006, they tried to make the lock lighter by using a brass composite, which resulted in a silver coloured metal showing up beneath the brass finish when it chipped. by 2007, thankfully the problem was rectified and chipping seldom, if ever, occurred anymore.

i happen to have three paddies from 2006. my Jeans Moyen regular satchel was from the first season of 2006, which means it still has the old finished brass lock of 2005. there is visible chipping, but not very severe.

my two baby messengers, Noir and her new twin Rouge are both from 2006 as well. Noir baby has the matte black hardware, which chips to reveal a shiny silver metal beneath. the arrival of Rouge baby and her shiny new hardware prompted me to find a solution to this problem...

so i made... DIY lock protectors!

from plastic tubes! diameter of opening (bore) of 8mm. fits perfectly on the loop of the locks! they were however impossible to slide on as an entire length due to the curvature of the loop. I almost blistered the skin off my hands trying to do it. and yet again when I had to get the stuck tube off the lock...

determined to make it work, i tried cutting sections to slide on. at an angle so they could cover the curvature. and it worked!

even though JM doesn't look too bad with her chipping, she got a set as well... no harm done i reckon!

am quite pleased with the results! :)

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