January 1st, 2011



Hello, Livejournal. Hello, 2011.

2010 was quite full of excitement. I globetrotted a little. I saw cherry blossoms in Japan. I fed squirrels in Canada. Work situation took a turn for the worse, got better, and dipped again. It remains to be seen if things are going to stabilise and get back on track. I made some awesome friends. I met some nice people. And I met some not-so-nice people. I am closer than ever to my family. And my wonderful friends stayed with me through thick and thin.

I started my hiatus from babying spiders, after the last of my spideykids passed on. I still miss having them very much, but my current work and life schedule does not allow me much time to get back into it. For now.

i considered moving countries again. Then, I found out, I didn't really want to leave.

So, there were good times, and there were bad. Just like any other year, for any other person.

2010 ended as a big question mark for me. I guess that means 2011 has a fair bit in store - answers, more questions, or just experiences that form the cobblestones of life.

Like I always say to my friends, I say to myself now - Everything is a journey. And I look forward to a brand new chapter in 2011.

x o x o

a belated Christmas reveal

A late little Christmas pressie from a friend...

Here's a peek...


My Pivoine (Peony) RH Mini Pom Pon!

Here's a mod shot in the store when we were picking it up... (I have since managed to shorten the strap so it doesn't hit the hips anymore)

And here is Peony sitting with big sister Sorbet...

And a group peekture of my humble Bal family...

Thank you, Mr Isted. :)

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