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so i’ve been roped in to play. i hardly know these people, although the captain is the boyfriend of a good friend. i’ve never hungout at this pub or even knew it existed before that phone call from shanna.

we had our first team meeting tonight. one of the team mates is a dude called sam, who was rather -how would i put it in a nice way- overbearing. he kept going on about “i know these guys can play. but can the girl play?”. i simply laughed, and said, “oh, i’m a terrible player”.

another chick was due to arrive. she was to be the other female player for the team. they hadn’t seen her before, and didn’t know how well she played, so we were made to play an ‘exhibition’ match.

man, it was fuckin stressful.

hordes of men were crowded around the table. i felt like an animal in a zoo exhibit. i must say, the chick turned out to be pretty damned hot. fair malay, looks chinese, slim with big boobs and showed them off with a plunging neckline which reached far below the boobline.

too bad she was playing against me, not a dude.

i bet she wore that thinking that she was gonna kick a few guys’ asses tonight. haha!

so anyway, i played terribly, or so i thought. she played well enough to beat primary school kids on crutches or missing an arm each. i was on the black, she had two left to go. she snooked me by accident. i had no direct shot, was jaw-snooked, and one of her balls was blocking my symmetrical double. i applied some V-logic and did an asymmetrical double in the centre pocket quite spectacularly.


funny thing was, halfway through the game, one of the boys on my team whom i haven’t even been introduced to nor spoken a word with, beckoned me to go over. he said, “do me a favour. kick her ass”.

apparently she came across as quite a bitch to the crowd. i was oblivious to it till then, because i thought the men would naturally be rooting for missy-big-boobies. ah well, god is fair.

gotta get used to the homeground table (it’s not my homeground! have to make it mine now) and the chock-fulla-smoke environment asap though. i’ve never been in a smokier pub than this, and that’s saying alot. a constant haze hung over the pool table, literally. had to peer through the fog to see the balls and angles.

time to get back into playing under pressure. it’s been awhile.

official gameplay starts 24th May.

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