JV (drag0nette) wrote,

a very early birthday reveal

As promised, here is my earliest birthday pressie this year!

What's in the little white box?

And what's in the little dustbag?

Tadah! My very first Balenciaga wallet! <3

This is the newest Balenciaga wallet style - the Classic in Murier (Mulberry) RH!

With ten card slots and four additional long slots for various needs.

An elongated bill-fold compartment. Apparently takes up to the size of SG$100 bills with ease but nothing bigger than that.

Two ample-sized coin compartments! Love this... I hoard receipts in my coin compartments.

Fits great in my tiny hands. I have been looking forward to this new wallet style from Balenciaga because the standard Money wallet is just too big for me. And I find that long wallets tend to wear faster on the corners. This one is perfect. Not only is it more compact, it even has rounded corners!

One last eye candy shot to hopefully show the true colour of Murier. The iPhone is not so good at capturing colours accurately.

I'm so glad I waited instead of settling for a Money or even an older Mini Compagnon! Good things come to those who wait. :)

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