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backdated I - bad food in tanglin mall

this is a backdated entry because the photographs were stuck in my camera when ripley ate the usb.

well, we were grocery shopping at tanglin mall and grabbed a quick bite in the foodcourt. oh my, it was such a mistake. tsk tsk.

this was sarge's korean kimchi noodle thingy. looked great, smelt excellent, tasted like crap.

i decided to grab a platter of fish and calamari stuff, which came with wedges (those pale yellow things on the right hand side of the photo, uhhuh). they were the worst wedges i've ever sunk my teeth into. the fish was too thin with too much batter, the calamari tasted like fried fritter rings with chewy rubberbands in the middle.

hey, i'm as aussie as you get but that's no reason to defend terrible food. urk.

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