JV (drag0nette) wrote,

ankle wrap sandals reveal

I caved and got myself these, after I found another eBay seller with the same shoes but at a lower and better price. I also preferred the communication with this seller. So I went ahead, and they came today!

I am quite surprised at how good the quality is. When I was told they were polyurethane, I expected a lower quality product. But the 'fake leather' is rather nice and thick, the shoes are sturdy and well-put together. The arch is too low for me, so I've put in my own Foot Petals arch support.

I love the big teeth soles. :)

And they are super comfortable! I may trim the strap a little shorter.


I will paste the link to the seller in my comments from my iMac.

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Tags: shoes, vanityfare, via ljapp

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