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backdated II - the cellar door

wed night dinner @ the cellar door, bukit timah.

a tiny but lovely place. should have a bigger alfresco area, though i guess more air-conditioned comfort is good for singapore's choking heat.

it was a cool night. the alfresco seats were lovely, with little pots of herbs and flowers lining the ledge around.

another pretty basket of bread

gotta mention this about the prompt service, i'd hardly taken one bite of bread and butter before all our food came... they're on the ball over here, very good!

the beef carpaccio with cheese on top. sprinkled with some very yummy things which sarge said were roasted capsicum. tasted like anchovies to me but were obviously some kind of flora... tasted fab!

sarge's lamb shank in an exotic sauce with spices. the flesh was tender and the sauce was quite delightful. roasted tomatoes were excellent to go along.

my humongous portion of lamb burger and mountain of fries. the fries rocked! i love fries done like this, thinly cut, and a nice degree of sogginess and crispiness. the lamb patty was tender and succulent, with cheese and a savoury onion sauce on top. i didn't even try to eat the bread, just ate all i could of all the rest.

ice cream for dessert since we were so stuffed. vanilla bean and chocolate scoops. mmmm... still can't beat buko nero's horlicks ice cream!

approx. 100bux for two people, including two glasses of white wine.

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