JV (drag0nette) wrote,

a delayed birthday reveal

My beautiful friends gave me vouchers last birthday for my next Bbag... Mama Kathryn and I went out yesterday and picked out my birthday bag from the new Spring/Summer arrivals! I'll post about our lovely day out first and leave the reveal for the last... ;)

At Bal Hilton...

Grenadine Mini Pom Pon... Absolutely adorable. Looks like '04 Rose? Mama models it beautifully.

Little miss Grenadine sitting with Pivoine...

And Nuage with Ardoise...

Trying them on...

Guess who went home with me? :)

Our usual TWG session afterwards...

Check out my double-whammy foie gras sammich on the top tier to the right.

A visit to Chanel... I tried on a Pom-like bag...

I still love the Bal Pom much, much more... Chanel suits Mama better I reckon.

Okay... I'm bad at keeping a suspense going! Let's see my birthday bag now?


My Nuage RH Pom Pon! <3

Getting to know Sorbet...

Happy family! <3

Parting shot... I was tempted to get Nuage his (yes, Nuage shall be a boy) own Prada Trick, but I resisted...

I know, I know. There is no contrast. But I kinda like it like that? But I shall not be impulsive... Restraint has been exercised.

Thank you, my lovely friends! I love you all! <3

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