JV (drag0nette) wrote,

what's in my bag

I received a query this morning about the capacity of the Mini Pom Pon, so I did a quick shoot. Hopefully this is helpful for those considering the MPP...

A peek inside... Little black cardie is blocking out most of the things underneath.

Everything inside: Cyclade Pencil, Murier Wallet, Moutarde Coin Purse, Hello Kitty umbrella, Envirosax, little black cardigan rolled up, tissue, Jane Iredale powder compact, keys, purse hook.

And a mod shot from two days ago, with all this stuff in the MPP. Strap was painstakingly shortened by lots of pulling and tweaking and cracking of the brain. Haha! This strap length is achieved by doubling multiple times, ie strap is 4 layers in thickness.


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Tags: balenciaga, via ljapp
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