JV (drag0nette) wrote,

nuage's first day out

Nuage: cloud (French) <3

After a few days of initial leathercare and protection, Nuage came out with me today!

I have missed being blue...

I'm back to my very first trademark colour. There was a time in my life when I was known for my love of the colour blue. I never got tired of blue, but I diversified and had fun with other colours in the last few years. Especially pink! I enjoyed it and will still be alternating with pink, but it was so good to be blue again today. :)

A new cardie and scarf for my return to Blue. <3

A little extra note for those on the fence about Nuage... Different Bal colours tend to have varying characteristics. Nuage leather is oh-so-deliciously-thick. Thicker than Sorbet and similar to Outremer. Some leathers smell very chemical (like Nacre). But Nuage smells divine... This one gets my top vote for S/S 2011. <3

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