JV (drag0nette) wrote,

out of this world escargots

We had a cosy Bal Pals dinner on Thursday at the Ship restaurant, Shaw Centre where I had the most amazing escargots ever!

So freakin' good! I think I can eat 6 plates of this! Every morsel was drenched in butter and garlic, succulently tender and juicy! I was bowled over by how good it was!

The fillet steak was a tad ho-hum. It wasn't tender enough I reckon.

Baked Alaska was a complete let down. It wasn't well executed at all. Alcohol only ran on one side, and it was obviously over-burnt. It was soggy on the outside, with the unpleasant bitterness of unburnt alcohol, the cake layer was too sweet and a rather nasty texture.

But I would so come back, just for the escargots! <3

Here are the bags in attendance...

Looks like the flu epidemic is seriously doing some damage in Singapore. Our table of 15 was cut to 9 and in the end there was a cosy foursome for dinner. It was really nice though, and very easy to talk in a small group. :)

To the Bal Pals who are ill or caring for loved ones, feel better soon! x

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