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okinawa mimigar

I had a very nice dinner date at Okinawa Mimigar, a cosy little Okinawan restaurant at the Gallery Hotel. I should have taken more peektures but I was busy eating and talking!

Okay, raw octopus was interesting but I wouldn't order it. The texture was fine with me but the taste was quite strong. Tasted exactly like what it was - a dead octopus from the sea. This means it wasn't seasoned to mask the fishiness. I suppose that is how it's meant to be but it's not a taste I appreciate.

Raw tuna cubes with cheese and seasoned with chili oil. This was quite delicious. The combination sounded a little odd on the menu but everything came together quite nicely. Not bad at all.

Lightly grilled raw beef salad. This was my favorite dish of the night. Perfect texture, melted in the mouth, the sauce complimented well with the right blend of sweetness, saltiness and a light touch of sour vinegar. Very refreshing.

Right here there should be a peekture of the next dish, a very tasty okra dish. But as I mentioned, yours truly was a little distracted by nomming everything. But the okra needs a mention anyway. It was very good! Not too soggy, not undercooked, panfried with egg white and the flavour was very homely.

The sea grapes above are a type of seaweed with little beads. This came unseasoned and tasted like... seaweed that was fished right out of the sea. Now I love seasoned seaweed and can eat tonnes of the stuff, but this wasn't really appealing to me.

Okonomiyaki, Okinawa style. Quite nice, simple with not too many ingredients. I liked it.

My soumen noodles were absolute love! Soft and tender without being soggy. It was the perfect complement to our selection of dishes. I will have this again when I return to Mimigar.

A coupla peektures to show my date outfit... I've not worn this denim skirt in a long time.

Black batwing top: Far East Plaza
Denim skirt: Melbourne
Denim heels: Heatwave
Pendant: Baccarat
Watch: DKNY
Bracelet: Balenciaga RH Cuff
Bag: Balenciaga RH Mini Pom Pon

Okinawa Mimigar @ Gallery Hotel
6235 1511

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