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tajimaya japanese charcoal grill

After catching Hereafter with J, we had dinner at a Japanese charcoal grill, Tajimaya, VivoCity.

Prawn sashimi was quite nice - creamy and fresh. But I think I still like the tiny versions the best.

The wagyu short rib which was excellent...

Somehow raw meat is very hard to photograph. The glistening seems to confuse lenses...

I'm not sure what the other wagyu was but it was too rich for me... (Did I just say that?)

I had one piece. It was beautifully marbled, very tender and juicy. But I could not stomach another one. So I had the rest of the short rib. Teehee!

Decor is a little tacky due to CNY but it is in fact quite a classy, Jap grill joint.

The heat does get a little intense due to close proximity from our faces. But the good thing is, the built-in exhaust system is powerful enough not to let any smell get on clothes, hair and Balenciagas. ;)

Hereafter was a rather sweet movie. Not sweet in the sense that everything is happy-happy-joy-joy, but that even good things result from bad things, and everything happens for a reason. It was a very slow moving movie though. I could go to the washroom twice to cough up gunk (isn't that charming?) and not miss much at all.

On an icky sidetrack, I have absolutely had enough of this post-flu gunk-coughing. Have started consuming raw garlic, chopped fine, washed down with water. I am determined to be well pronto!

Hope everyone had a good CNY! <3

Tajimaya Yakiniku
#01-102 VivoCity
6377 0070

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