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japanese dining SUN

Spent a pleasant Saturday arvo with B at Chijmes.

A place of memories for me... a long, long time ago...

Little Miss Peony waiting with my special order Bloody Mary (less vodka, less ice) while I play pool.

We headed to Japanese Dining SUN for dinner. Food was as good as I remember. Good job on keeping up the standards!

Salmon sashimi was succulent, fresh, perfectly cut.

The foie gras starter was amazing! Beautifully grilled slices of juicy foie gras, on crisp toasted bread and slices of fresh lettuce. The combination of tastes and textures was just perfect. I gobbled 2 of the 3. Teehee! Now I know why there was an option to upgrade to 4 pieces.

California rolls. Can't go wrong with this. Ingredients used were all very fresh. One minor gripe I had was this should have been served after the steak course, which came last.

Eggplant and minced meat in miso hotpot. We had this over a bit of plain rice. Very aromatic and flavourful, with a slight hint of spiciness. Eggplant was tender but firm, no sogginess. Went down very well.

Foie gras over wagyu steak with caramelised melon. I like how they do foie gras here, sliced thin so you get lots of the yummy crust. Steak was tender and juicy. Caramelised melon and a coupla slices of eggplant provided a nice balance for the palate.

Lastly, the tofu cheesecake that I've always enjoyed. It was as good as ever. Light, smooth, just the right consistency. A nice end to a good meal.

I've always liked the interior of Sun with Moon. The Wheelock Place sister outlet is very nice. But this one is classier, I reckon. And I love the ample comfy bench seats. I love bench seats! <3

Even the washroom is pretty. Glass sinks, flowers on the walls, clean lines...

Japanese Dining SUN
#02-01 Chijmes
6336 3166

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