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kabe no ana

Spent a simple but lovely Sunday arvo with Mama Kathryn and a new friend at Nex. After a good chinwag, we had dinner at a little Japanese pasta joint, Kabe no Ana, in the basement of Nex.

We had the set meals which came with soup and garlic bread...

The mushroom soup was quite hearty with a lot of mushroom chunks. The garlic bread was average. I would have preferred thinner slices.

Mentaiko is my favourite Japanese pasta. Kabe no Ana does theirs with squid.

Portions are very generous. Mama and I shared one and split the other to takeaway.

I must say, though it wasn't terrible, it wasn't as good as Pasta de Waraku. While it was nice to have squid in the dish so it wasn't so plain, I thought it was a little too fishy together with the mentaiko. The pasta was a little overcooked, but it didn't taste bad. The mentaiko here is a little spicy, hardly detectable but adds a nice punch.

Good value for the amount of food, but I would choose to get my mentaiko pasta fix at Waraku over Kabe.

They do have a very nice little garden-type setting to sit in. Service staff was very, very polite and patient. I would consider a revisit to try a different dish.

Kabe no Ana
#B1-80 Nex
6634 8024

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