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valentine's day and night

A spot of shopping with the girls before our respective dinner plans...

All three of us tried and wanted this gorgeous pink dress (there were 3 pieces in size S), but none of us ended up actually buying it. Talk about self-control!

I tried some tees at Zara. Loved how sloppy-casual this was. But if only it was a little smaller around the waist. It's quite sexy though. Looks like a wet t-shirt? LOL!

This one, I didn't realise it had the princess sleeves until I tried it on. Don't like them sleeves. And also too loose on the waist.

My favourite granny top. <3

Then we stumbled onto the nicest shop with the sweetest dresses and tops!

I bought the maxi dress with the butterflies and a coupla tops...

The girls then left for their dinner appointments and I headed to Brotzeit for mine with F...

Got a table after some intense queuing!

A nice outdoor table at sunset. :)

This roast potato with herbs came lukewarm. Which meant it got cold way too quickly. Some pieces were burnt as well. The idea and taste was good but the execution all wrong.

We ordered the Valentine's platter for two...

All the sausages were exceptional! Juicy, tender, and bursting with flavour, with the exception of the chicken sausage which was a little bland.

The meat patties were terrible though!

Way too salty... We complained and were told the manager has informed the kitchen. No other explanation or apology was offered. I'm sticking to sausages the next time.

Here's a little gift from Kate...

So very true! <3

Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant
#01-149/151 VivoCity
6272 8815

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