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Caught Black Swan at Shaw Theatre, Nex, which blew me away like it did most people! Awesome, awesome movie.

We had a cuppa and a chinwag at Teadot.

After that, Salsarina showed me a wonderful shop full of pretty things for homes! I kept going wow and aww at everything... A tonne of peektures coming up!

We wandered to the pet shop which was humongous! And there was this strange little hairless pink guy!

Apparently, he was a guinea pig.

A very expensive guinea pig...

After some deliberation, we chose Barcelos over Freshness Burger for dinner.

The restaurant was very nicely done up. Seating was amazingly comfortable, even the wooden chairs. Solid wooden tables and lots of nice details in the interior. Service staff were mostly excellent except the younger ones seem a little flustered.

We ended up waiting a looooooong time for our food. Turned out they were shorthanded that day. They were very apologetic and gave us a discount.

I must say, the food was rather good! I had the Pine Chicken and Cheese burger. The chicken patty was juicy and full flavoured. Next time I will opt for a non-spicy sauce though. This was the Very Peri which was too spicy for me. The potato and mushroom side was delicious, although we did have to ask for a bigger serving of mushroom (when it first came, there was one single piece of mushroom).

Sal had the 1/4 chicken which could have been a little juicier. Her side of spicy wedges was very good though - crispy on the outside, soft and piping hot on the inside.

The restaurant manager was very kind to offer a free milkshake upon learning his recommendation of Very Peri was too spicy for lil' ol' me.

I'd say this place has a lot of potential. The food quality and taste is there, and the prices are very good, maybe they just need a bit of time to iron out technical hiccups etc.

Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken
#B2-50/51 Nex
6219 9408

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