JV (drag0nette) wrote,

BBQ day!

Last Saturday was a nice gathering for a BBQ at Tang's place, with old friends and new ones.

My hairdo when I need my hair to be good in windy conditions.

Lots and lots of fat burgers!

First round of food served...

A slick BBQ grill...

Many chefs...

Grilled toast with herb and garlic butter... Super nommy! I had two...

First time I had escargots at a BBQ...

Even though they were from a can, the herb and garlic butter made them so awesome!

The grill going at full force...

Bigass burgers were being churned out. Here's mine before I rearranged it...

My megahoosive burger! I took a long time to eat it. But I finished it!

Dessert was pavlova made by someone's mom/aunt. It was very good! Despite full tummies, we ate almost all of it. The inside was light and fluffy.

Friends are <3

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